Financial habits are ingrained early on, so the sooner you start teaching your kids about money the better. Today, there are some great apps and online tools that can make learning financial literary easy and fun, including KidWiz, part of our powerful MyProsperity financial planning platform.

Developing good financial skills from a young age prepares children to handle financial challenges as adults.I’m grateful to Dad that he instilled good habits in us early.  His mantra was always ‘Save first, spend later’. I also got into the habit of separating my cash pay from McDonalds into separate envelopes and that has developed into separate bank accounts.

Today, there are a lot of great tools for helping children of all ages learn about money management. I encountered a great app at a trade show recently: Spriggy (, a pocket money app for kids aimed at helping children learn how to manage electronic money in our increasingly cashless society. It gives kids a prepaid card and a simple app to manage their pocket money. Parents have a master dashboard where they can manage multiple children’s accounts and load money and get real-time alerts when kids make a purchase. There’s also the option to let kids earn additional pocket money through doing chores.

Money management software for adults and kids

We love our new budgeting software, MyProsperity. A powerful platform that has all sorts of amazing tools that we can use to help our clients gain control of their finances, grow their wealth, manage their estate planning, and much more. It allows us to attach financial goals to your budget, so that you can see in real time if you are on track. Once we have a good picture of your finances, we can also provide ideas and comparisons to save you money on a large range of expenses.

My Prosperity includes Kidwiz, a mobile app that’s been specifically designed to introduce children ages 8 to 16 to key personal finances concepts. It helps them set savings goals, view transactions, and track their success. Kidwiz is available to all MyProsperity clients on a Pro Wealth portal subscription.

Goals-based financial planning

Want to learn more about how we can use MyProsperity to help you gain better control of your finances and your world with a goals-based approach? It’s an easy process:

Step 1: Call us and set up an initial focus meeting concentrating on what’s important to you.

Step 2: We’ll give you a quotation and outline the scope of our work for your financial plan.

Step 3: You’ll review and sign an authority to proceed.

Step 4: We implement your financial plan.

Step 5: We provide ongoing coaching to make sure you achieve your goals.

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