Did you know that your daily jog could do more than just keep you fit? It could also earn you some pretty impressive rewards from your insurance provider. Across Australia, insurance companies are encouraging policyholders to stay active and healthy by offering some seriously enticing wellness programs. They're turning the idea of insurance on its head, making it more about positive, proactive health choices.

Many insurance policy holders are unaware that their policy may include wellness programs as part of their coverage. These programs are designed to encourage policyholders to live healthier lifestyles, which in turn can reduce the risk of chronic illnesses and diseases. It's a win-win situation, where both insurers and insured parties benefit. So, let’s take a look at some of the exciting wellness programs on offer through some of Australia’s largest insurance providers.

MetLife's 360Health
MetLife, a leading provider of insurance services, has introduced an innovative wellness program called 360Health. It's not just about dealing with health problems as they arise, but rather helping you stay ahead of them in the first place. With 360Health, MetLife is focusing on the 'prevent' and 'delay' stages of health management. The program offers digital health content, tools and solutions, access to health professionals, and personalised health strategies to help you manage your wellness journey. Whether it's information on better nutrition, mental health support, or assistance with chronic health conditions, 360Health is equipped to help you live a healthier life. Plus, there are virtual health checks and interactive tools available online for you to make the most of this proactive approach to wellness.

AIA Vitality
We’ve mentioned before that we’re a fan of AIA Australia’s health and wellness program. AIA Vitality is a comprehensive initiative offering a personalised, science-backed program that supports members every day to make healthier lifestyle choices. It provides members with the knowledge, tools and motivation to improve their health, plus offers rewards to keep them motivated along their wellness journey. AIA Vitality members enjoy discounts and specials offers, including up to 50% off gym memberships, 25% off selected fitness devices, and up to 50% off travel with AIA Vitality’s flight partner. You can also combine MyOwn with an eligible AIA Priority Protection (life insurance) product for a full life, health and wellness package.

Vivo by MLC Life Insurance
Vivo, the comprehensive health, wellness, and recovery program from MLC Life Insurance, is designed with a personal touch. Tailored to individual needs and goals, Vivo provides support every step of the way. Whether your focus is on improving everyday health and wellness, managing a medical condition, or seeking guidance on recovery post-illness, Vivo stands ready to assist. The program extends a rich suite of resources under its 'Virtual Care' package. This includes access to fitness and nutrition consults, online doctor services, rehab guidance, and specialised mental health support. What sets Vivo apart is its inclusive approach. It not only caters to clients but also embraces their family members, underlining MLC's comprehensive commitment to health and wellbeing.

TAL Health Sense
TAL Health Sense and Health Sense Plus offer distinct preventive approaches to health. The Health Sense program emphasises primary prevention with a focus on maintaining a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI) as a method of preventing conditions like diabetes. By promoting healthy lifestyle choices, Health Sense rewards policyholders with discounts of up to 15% on Life, Critical Illness, and/or Total Permanent Disability insurance. These discounts are applied for the lifetime of the policy without any requirement for additional tests, forms, or membership fees. On the other hand, Health Sense Plus is focused on secondary prevention, meaning it targets early detection of diseases to improve health outcomes. This usually involves preventative screening programs, such as regular blood glucose monitoring for early detection of diabetes. The Health Sense Plus program offers a 5% discount to its participants.

Health Rewards – Clearview
Health Rewards from Clearview is a wellness program designed to encourage policyholders to actively maintain their health. Through a simple, voluntary survey that takes no more than five minutes to complete, participants are assessed for their health behaviours and given a premium discount of up to 10% as a reward. The survey questions revolve around lifestyle choices and personal health information, with the goal of providing improved pricing for those actively engaged in maintaining their health.

Zurich Evolve
Zurich Evolve aims to improve health at both an individual and community level, with the belief that healthier people will positively impact the planet. The program supports the ever-changing journey of health, offering assistance every step of the way. It recognises that health is not just physical but also encompasses mental, social, and financial wellbeing. Zurich Evolve provides support in these areas, promising to be there for policyholders as their life and health evolve.

Integrity Life Care Support Package
Integrity Life’s Care Support Package goes beyond traditional insurance coverage to provide 10 additional benefits designed to offer support and reimbursement in times of illness, injury, or terminal illness. Traditionally, such benefits are spread across different insurance products, and are usually not available for new policyholders. These benefits include Accommodation support, Grief Support, Needlestick injury coverage, Child Support, Overseas Assistance, Bed Confinement, Family Support, Terminal Illness Care, and Home Care. The package offers a comprehensive safety net, giving insured individuals peace of mind knowing they're covered in various difficult life situations.

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Disclaimer: The information contained in this article is general in nature and does not take into account your personal objectives, financial situation or needs. Please consider whether the information is appropriate to your circumstance before acting on it and, where appropriate, seek professional advice.