Getting enough good quality sleep is an essential part of staying healthy, especially during the cooler months. Here are our top tips for better sleep from the experts.

1. Have a regular sleep pattern

Go to bed and get up at the same time to get your body into a healthy sleep routine.

2. Banish bedroom distractions

Television and computers interfere with your sleep. Get your mind used to knowing that if you’re in bed, you’re there to sleep.

3. Wind down before bed

Create a relaxing pre-bedtime ritual that de-stresses you from the day. This may include stretching, meditation, music or a calming cup of herbal tea.

4. Worry before bedtime

If you lie in bed fretting about your to-do list, schedule “worry time” earlier in the day instead and map out a plan of action.

5. Switch screens off

Avoid using electronic devices within one hour of bedtime as blue screens suppress the sleep hormone melatonin.

6. Make your bedroom cosy

Have a quiet, dark room with comfortable bedding and good temperature control.

7. Avoid daytime naps

If you must nap, make it a 20-30-minute maximum power nap.

8. Track your sleep

Use a fitness tracker to track your sleep, set goals, and identify sleep patterns.

9. Don’t watch the clock

Watching time tick by can make us anxious about not being asleep. Take clocks out of the bedroom or turn them around.

10. You may need professional help

If you have persistent problems with sleep quality, severe snoring or waking feeling unrefreshed, be sure to see your doctor.