A good business coach can help you clarify goals, future-proof your business, and strengthen team bonds.

In recent years, our company has been transitioning from one generation to the next. Doug is passing the reigns of the family business to me, as his daughter. As he focuses on his retirement vision, I am looking at how the business will look and feel in the future.

We realised early on that we needed a business coach to help us create a successful succession plan. This would allow us to get help with our individual needs, while focusing on our common goal to support the business.

How business coaching works

Our business coach worked with each person involved in the succession planning process, providing an individualised plan that linked to our company’s common KPIs.

The process focused on each staff member as an individual, creating a strengths-based plan for them. Thus we could better understand and appreciate each other’s strengths while building a strong sense of purpose within our team.   Our coach worked with us to build leadership skills and awareness. This helped us manage and lead our staff through the sometimes-challenging change process.

The power of working with a coach is that they ask the hard questions that must be asked to help us to become better versions of ourselves. They worked through key business issues with us, helping us keep our focus on our clients and how the changes would affect them.

Ultimately, this process enabled us to better serve our clients by removing any roadblocks that may be affecting our service.

Working with a coach definitely helped our business growth. It kept us focused on our goals and empowered our business leaders in their decision making. It created a shift in our mindset, as we integrated some powerful new tools into our daily life and business decisions.

Get support as a business owner

In my opinion, when aiming to achieve greatness, it’s extremely important to have the right support. On any given day as a business owner I am thinking about so many issues: cash flow, staffing, family responsibilities – to name a few. On a really great day I focus all of my energy on our clients, but I’m always multi-tasking and wearing many different hats. I see this as both the joy and the challenge to running my own business. With the support of a coach you can:

  • Gain clarity in your goals
  • Be more focused
  • Work on self-development
  • Become a better leader

Running a business is busy and often overwhelming. Having a coach helps you to re-align your thoughts and focus on your outcomes. The process allows for your mindset to shift and to integrate these changes and tools into your daily life. It helps you to become more aware of the people around you, so that you can make better decisions and be more confident.

Our experience was extremely positive, and I would highly recommend working with a business coach to any small business owner.

If you are interested in discussing this further or in getting a referral for a business coach, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Call us anytime on (02) 8268 2900 for an obligation-free chat.