Make time to look after you these summer holidays.

The holidays are supposed to be a time for rest and relaxation but for many of us they can easily turn into a whirlwind of obligations that can actually be quite stressful. Slow down and tune into your own needs with some self-care this festive season.

Try meditation

If you’ve never meditated, this could be the time to experiment and maybe even start a regular practice for the new year. Research has shown that regular meditation reduces stress, anxiety and depression, among other health benefits. Try an app such as Headspace for free guided meditations.

Know your limits

In the season of excess, sometimes saying no to that extra piece of cake or yet another glass of bubbly is being kind to ourselves too. As is getting enough sleep, exercise and healthy food, and knowing that it’s ok to pass up social obligations when we’re feeling overloaded.

Digitally disconnect

Turn off the devices and connect with your loved ones and the scenery around you. Shut down the computer, have one tech-free night a week, turn off all notifications on your phone and get away from screens and out into the world more. Apps such as Offtime can block you from social media and let you see how much you’re really using your smartphone.

Be kind to yourself

It sounds simple but many of us are much harsher on ourselves than we would ever be to our loved ones. Try talking to yourself like you would your best friend instead. Take time to reflect on all you’ve accomplished this year.

Take time out

It could be a walk on your own in the park or on the beach, a quiet cuppa and a book in your bedroom or going to get a massage, but make sure you get a little ‘you’ time during the silly season – it could just save your sanity!