It’s been a huge year for me both personally and professionally with some major changes happening in our industry. I hope it’s been a big year for you as well, in all of the most positive of ways!

I’d love to hear about what’s changed for you this year and if we can help you to adjust to those shifts by making sure your future planning is solid.

Three key lessons really stood out for me this year. They were…

The importance of trust when getting advice

The Financial Services industry has suffered a massive blow in trust due to the Royal Commission investigation and findings, which revealed that the major banks were working primarily toward sales targets, rather than looking after their customers’ best interests! This included giving advice around bank owned products in preference of others that may have been more suitable.

The fact that most banks are now out of the financial advice industry can only be a good thing. It means it will now be left to independently owned professionals who have known the importance of trust for years, and who understand that, the key thing about giving sound advice is transparency.

Our clients have remained satisfied throughout all the upheaval in the industry, they know they can trust us to give advice that is based around our experience, expertise and our wish to look after their best interests.

Our clients are looking for trustworthy advice from a professional company that has experience. Whether it is regarding personal or business advice, we will always provide you with options that are based on sound knowledge of your needs and wants. Our relationships with our clients are built on trust; in some cases that trust has been fostered for over 35 years.

The importance of expertise

In order to remain in this industry, new qualification requirements will operate from 2021. These are aimed at raising the education, training and ethical standards of financial advisers who are providing advice to clients on complex financial products.

Naturally, we will keep our qualifications up-to-date and in line with all industry requirements, as we have always done. With our continued learning and combined years of experience and expertise, IAS will continue to provide high quality advice that’s in the best interest of our clients.

The importance of ongoing planning

Whether running a business or running a busy home, it is never a ‘set and forget’ scenario when dealing with financial matters.  From your commercial business matters to your personal risk requirements, it is important to keep your planning up to date with changes in your life and lifestyle.

This is why our annual reviews with clients are so important, they often alert us to changes in our clients lives that require adjustments in their financial planning and insurance coverage. Different governments, upgraded regulations, ongoing education and a change in our personal goals is why it’s always important to look at new strategies.

We are always happy to meet up with our clients either on Skype, email, telephone or a face to face meeting at a time that suits. Call us anytime on (02) 8268 2900.