We’ve discovered a great new product that can help small businesses better protect their employees with Group Income and Life Insurance in one cover.

Traditionally the costs of group Life and Income insurance for employees have been prohibitive for many Small to Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), including micro-businesses and start-ups. A new offering from Integrity Life aims to change that with its Five+ product, which makes insurance accessible and affordable for businesses with 5-50 employees.

Five+ is the only product in the Australian market, which we know of, that caters for groups as small as five employees. It’s also been designed to be simple to purchase, use and administer – saving time and headaches for small business owners. Moreover, it gives small businesses an advantage in competing with larger companies when it comes to attracting the best talent – a key benefit for any business.

Most importantly, of course, Five+ ensures that your staff and their families are protected should illness or hard times come.

Five+ is best suited to:

  • Independently owned/Founder run SMEs
  • Mature businesses that have been operating for 3 or more years
  • 5-50 employees - majority of which are full time staff
  • Experience a competitive market for good talent
  • Have existing benefits or wish to invest in benefits they know staff will value
  • Have automated payroll
Built for flexible work forces

Given the changing flexible nature of work and the growing gig economy in Australia, it’s important that products keep up with these changes to protect all workers. Five+ covers all types of employees, from full-time staff to part-time and casual workers.

Five+ is available to all industry and occupation types and includes Life and Income cover in one product.

Life Cover
A death benefit lump sum of $200,000 will be paid if a member dies or is declared Terminally Ill.

Income cover
A monthly benefit is payable while a member (employee) is Totally or Partially Disabled. The member receives a benefit amount of 80% of their salary so they are looked after.

What’s more, the employer also receives a benefit of 20% of the member’s salary, to cover temporary staff hiring costs. Benefits are payable for up to one year, after a 30-day waiting period

Five+ Benefits at a glance
  • Covers businesses with 5-50 staff
  • Available for all industries and occupations
  • Covers full-time, part-time and casual staff
  • Combined Life and Income cover

Small businesses often operate like a close-knit family and small business owners want to know their family is protected. That’s why we’re particularly excited to offer this smart new product that can help you better protect your staff.

Contact us if you’d like more information about Five+ or need other advice about protecting your small business. Please call us anytime on (02) 8268 2900 for an obligation-free talk.